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Albania (known as Sq as w'a is ei quaua in the Grorious Wonderful Master's Tongue of Squippy Shqiperi!), also known as Euromexico, also known as Shqështëshpëshmëshnëshkëshfëshjërrëndëxhë, is the best country on the world. No it isn't. It's a lime. A swedish lime. A chilled lime stew with cucumber salad, in fact. Something which never fails to weasel yourself out of this gibberish.

Albania buys umlauts from Germany at the rate of $200/second, and sells hamsters and false teeth to Bulgaria.

Cookie dough of history[edit]

Originally, Sultan Imam the Ferret, Mink Cookie-Dough de Voir di si mentus mortum of Estonia, came downstream through the River of Nobody Cares, to Nobody Cares Land. He renamed it to Albania, because his friend came from Albany, New York. Or something. Soon Albania met with no leverage and metamorphosed into a flat pack Pikachu.

Something else geography[edit]

Alberta is 40 000 square somethings big in Canada.

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