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Norwegia isn't even Communist - it just loves the attention.

Nørwægiå is the place where all Norwegians come from, as stated by Timmy in the book of John, third chapter, fourth line:

"...'oh and ye from the place known as Norwegia, ye be called Norwegians' said God, and he saw it was good."


The Norwegian language is divided into two types: the bokmål and the landsmål. In reality they are both the same language, only one of them is spelt wrong - however, no-one knows which of the two is correct. This was specifically designed to confuse foreign students by collapsing their brain. Only a few people are able to use both forms without going crazy.


Nørwægiå is famed for its factory production of herring. The fish is used in almost all meals in the country; 'herring porridge', 'herring smoothies', 'toasted herring' and 'herring with a side of herring' are the only breakfasts availiable in Norway. This almost hides the fact that herring manufacturing is practically the only industry in the country - everything else is imported, including Oxygen and hair.

Knowingness of Norwegia[edit]

Norwegians are often referred to as "very very naughty people, who should be sent to their room(s)". They leave their Christmas lights up all year long, and are notoriously reckless with blow driers. They enjoy eating sweaters, as they are part moth, and love to smell the rare toilet flower, which grows only in Norwegia.

Location of Norwegia[edit]

Norwegia is in Norwegia. Next question, please.

The Reach of Norwegia[edit]

Norwegia's reach is farther than that of the mighty Stretch Armstrong. It has fingers in many pies.

Pies in which the fingers are in, of[edit]

Norwegia is amazing, in the fact that it specializes in the making and distributionalizeing of Sandwich pails. It is a most vengeful craft, as it is of the utmost impertinence that you eat a clam whole while twirling on a telephone book to make Sandwich Pails. The end of you is coming.

The smells of Norwegia[edit]

It smells nice. But sometimes not. Moving on...

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