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Genericland is located in Generisia, a country located somewhere between the coastlines of New Monaco and the Middle Yeast. Well, the point is that Genericland is located in Generisa, right? wait er...right. I was getting confused as people typically do get in Genericland. Well, they get generically confused. Or was that gender confusion? Bah. So now for some statistics:

  • Population: "Generic number".
  • Life expectancy: "Generic number"
  • Most common name: Generic
  • Most common surname: Generic
  • President: Generic President
  • Ruling Party: Generic Party.
  • Language most commonly spoke: Generinglish, English and Generic Chinese.
  • Location: Between New Monaco and The Middle Yeast
  • National Anthem: C major scale
  • National Food: Generic food
  • National Sport: Generic sport
  • Literacy rate: Generic percentage

Yup, those are the generic statistics of Genericland. Also there are two main groups of people, the Generics and the Originals.

The generics do everything generic and rule Genericland (obviously). The most common name for a Generisian (as they are called) is Mr./Mrs./Ms. Generic Generic. The Originals actually have *cough* proper statistics. Like, for example:

  • Population: "Original number".

Okay, maybe not but you get the point. Now for some tourist attractions.

Tourist attractions[edit]

The tourist attractions are so generic in Genericland that they just make you want to something generic! Also there are three generic-themed theme-parks in Genericland. They are:

  • Genericland Theme Park
  • Genericland Generic Water Park
  • Genericland Generic Rollercoaster land.

Also the Originals have their own theme park. It's called "Original Land". Okay.

Genericland Theme Park[edit]

It fouces on Generic rides, such as the Generic bumper card where each car travels at a generic speed, in a generic direction so that they all bump at exactly the time? Well, anyway, stuff like that.

Genericland Generic Water Park[edit]

Yay, water rides! I feel like generically barfing into generic colored water because the rides, to be frank, generically suck. In a generic way. Okay, i get it.

My favourite ride there would have to be the hotdog stand....Ya i know you're thinking "THATS NOT A RIDE, HOBO??? WHAT, DO YOU ACTUALLY SIT ON THE HOTDOG STAND AND SHOUT WEEEEE ALL DAY??? ARE YOU RETARDED???"

Well, no but my grandpa is....Anyway! All the rides suck that i have to admit, the Popcorn Stand is more exiciting. Would you go on aa 8-lane boat race, where all the boats travel at the same generic speed? HELL NO! How'd you consider that a race in the first place?


Genericland Generic Rollercoaster land[edit]

Yay for roller coasters. I have devised an equation showing what these rollercoasters' speed equal. It is:

Amazing, eh? So now you have learnt that they all travel at the same boring generic speed. The only time you hear someone saying WHEEE on them is when you reach the ending....and most of the time it's because they need to use the toilet. Which has a generically colored toilet bowl. And a generiic door, and a....Okay we get it.


Failed to parse (syntax error): {\displaystyle Generic "so-called fun" = death of boredom}

I'd rather be constipated....or not.