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Jotunheim is a Super Mutant -infested dystopia deep inside that damned Yankee embassy's cellar in Norway. Well, they'll be damned once the Lone Wanderer is sent with the Terrible Shotgun. BLAAAAAST OOOFFFFF!!!!! Blast off their insolent little heads from their pants! Gragh ha ha! Odin, Thor and the Norsefire Party hates Jotunheim's muscular, green and colossal goblin-zombie hybrids, because Thor is actually a duck. Isn't that just FABULOUS? You may not think it is, but once again you're wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

Known inhabitants of Jotunheim are known. Next to the Super Mutants fly feral ghouls, who will eat all your spam, so you won't post it all on Illogicopedia. Smart and well-mannered little buggers, aren't they? Super Mutants can only be chased off from Jotunheim by parking your car on their sandwiches. Don't try to make them cough up the truth about their past. They will just steal your face.