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Slovakia is where all the wheat-lovers live. The Big Brrother 2015 house has a vast underground complex 2x the size of Slovakia. All 5.4 million people love wheat! It's the best! It's the greatest! It's. The. Best.! Yeah!

Slovakia also manufactures armchairs which go to Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and the Czech Republic mostly. Nobody really cares, though. For them, the armchairs are just another way to make money. Money! I say! That is nice, nice, nice, nice! Also. Conservapedia.

Geh Slovakia... make sure to eeble...
When it's not sure you don't follow the rule of the Way of Wheat...
Slovakia might not be a single dot on the map of Europe, if it weren't for its manufacture of diacritic marks.

Marks[edit | edit source]

It sells an estimated €200,402,704.85 per year of diacritic marks including €19,310,507.20 of cedillas. It manufactures them quickly too making 711,325 cedillas per hour and 2,400 circumflexes every 1.5 minutes.

Shipped to you by SLOVAKIA UMLAUT AND OTHER MARKS AGENCIES. To phone us call: +421 555 705 73.

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