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Slovenia is, in fact, the world's largest slave farm. It is used by neighboring countries Italy and Canada as a very large dumping ground for all the trash and ruined shoes. Slovenia supplies -100% of the useful items the European Union needs every year.

People of Slovenia[edit]

The people of Slovenia are known for being slovenly and lazy. Because of this attribute, they were hired into the Communist Party of Czechoslovenovakia in large numbers during the 18000s. They were quickly executed after they stole the party's supplies of enchiladas. Tsk tsk tsk.

Famous people from Slovenia include:

Culture of Slovenia[edit]

Slovenia is widely recognized as being the home of the traditional Slovenian dance, the Czwyzszw. Another example of traditional Slovenian culture is a dish of fried cement served with a side of jellied garlic as well as Princess Luna dancing terribly. Onlookers said it was like dancing with cement and all the onlookers were BANISHED TO THE MOON!!!! THERE'S NO BANANAS ON THE MOON!!! Oh sorry did i get in a rant again.....? Sorry. Not.


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