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Hungary is a jolly old country, located in Central Europe. The nation gained its rather amusing name due to a horrific famine in the early 9th Century, after a visiting diplomat asked some locals the question "What are you?" and mistook their response as the name of the country.[1]


According to legend, Hungary was founded in 89BC by complete accident. For hundreds of years, everything pretty much stayed the same, aside from the odd natural disaster and brief invasion by Satan's army. Then, in 1867, it became married to Austria, becoming Austria-Hungary, which is a pretty cool name if you ask me. The wedding reception went pretty well, aside from a drunken rant by Romania, and they stayed happily married until their divorce in 1919, after Hungary started an extramarital affair with Andorra. This incident gave ol' Hungary a pretty bad reputation around Europe (a continent renowned for its gossiping), so it decided to become part of the USSR to protect its anonymity. By the time they stopped being Communist in 1989, everyone had forgotten about Hungary's infidelity, so I guess you could say the whole was a success, if not an immoral one.


Selling scrap iron, and offering to clean the car windows of those passing by for "only" €5.

Topical (bad) Joke[edit]

You should never ask a Hungarian for directions.
Because 'directions' isn't a word in Hungarian!

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  1. Did you really think I'd last more than two sentences without a 'Hungry' Joke?