Jaws 18

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You thought it was safe to go into the water after the Chuckle Brothers got it in Jaws 17...



Bobby: It's a nice day at the beach, eh?

Joe: Oh, yeah. Even though this place is artificially lit and that background looks like painted canvas.

Bobby: Shut up and and get in the water. The producers only had like $20 because of sub-par ticket sales for the last movie.

Joe: Fine.

They walk into the pool ocean. It is strangely full of leaves and has tiles around the edges.

Joe: ...oh? This ocean is nine feet deep! It has convenient depth tiles!

Bobby: Wow, it feels nice in this ocean. I wonder if there are any fish.

A shark fin pops out of the water. [que Jaws music, hip hop remix]

Joe: Oh my God! A shark!

Bobby: Augh, my arm! Quick, spray the ketchup!

Joe: Wait, I'm completely unharmed.

Bobby: Shut up and keep acting, fool!

Actually, it was safe to go into the water, because all that was in the water was a soggy cardboard cut out of a shark.