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Those damn, dirty grapes!

Planet of the Grapes is a film released in 1987, based on the popular science fiction film Planet of the Apes, only better.


IN the film, two scientists go on a space voyage at the speed of light, with no particular direction in mind. They crash land on a planet populated by giant, talking cucumbers, who proceed to imprison the scientists. The film ends with a suprising plot twist that isn't really suprising at all, because it has been parodied over 900,000 times.

Why grapes?[edit]

Many have questioned why the film was called Planet of the Grapes as the planet shown in the film is actually populated by cucumbers. The director, a watermelon from Peru named Aafliiv Spimbb, said "Oh, we couldn't afford to hire the number of grape actors we needed, so we instead hired a bunch of cucumbers from B-movies. But a grape is breifly visible in the corner of the screen in one shot, making the title appropriate."


Inspired by the amount of money he made from Planet of the Grapes, the director immediately went on to make Planet of the Capes, a film in which a group of cucumbers from the first film voyage to a film dominated by articles of clothing, specifically capes. He ended the trilogy with Planet of the Zapes, though he realised half way through filming that "zapes" wasn't a real word. To compensate for this, he abandoned all plot ideas and filmed himself clipping his toenails, and made that the film. It is now considered the best of the three.


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