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I'M STUCK IN MY PANTS is a popular Jimmy Bund 007 movie. It follows the story of a slightly overweight MI6 agent who takes the place of James Bond.
His name is Bund, Jimmy Fellatious Charles Percy Smithington Bund.


The opening scene shows the terrible death of James Bond. First he is slapped, then tazered, then farted on, then poked, then forced to wear womanly perfume (hint of Jasmie). Next James is sawed in half by a monkey. After 007's death is emailed to M, he assigns Jimmy Bund to take the place of him. Jimmy hasn't the skills a true 007 pocesses, since he one day walked into the HQ by accidnet in a hunt for his pet pig and has remained there as an agent ever since. He simply does the mr.roboto dance in the top-secret janitor's office. He heads out on his first task - a perilous journey to make the tea.

After returning to MI6 thinking he is in a clothing store Jimmy wanders into the secret laboratory of M which contains a pair of bullet proof jeans. Liking what he sees, Bund takes the pants, puts them on, and meanders across the room. He comes apon a belt that won't come off and decides it is stylish so he puts it on. The next day, M assigns Bund to the most important mission evur. Whilst trying to kill Charlie the Unicorn during the mission, Jimmy Bund realizes that the pants he's wearing do not apply to the dress code of male secret agents. Momentarily pausing the movie (courtesy of the remote control) Jimmy goes off screen to remove the pants, yet he finds that he cannot. And, to make matters worse the pants are shrinking. In the end Jimmy dies of crotch suffication. A fate worse thandeath. Uhh, yeah...


In the backround, Charlie the Unicorn can briefly be seen sniffing a turd.

Critics Review[edit]

They all said it was funny yet compelling. That of course was their response to the dinner they were served as they watched the premiere, they thought the movie was pretty awful to be honest.

Critical Acclaim?[edit]


The Movie Budget[edit]

The movie cost the following to make:

2 Buttons
A coupon for Sainsburys       +
BNP lifetime membership
Sexual Favours