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FreeRice is a movie that travels all across the world giving rice to people less intelligent than Forrest Gump. It is powered by a steamboat engine and has been around since 232BC, though the Bible hasn't recorded this. It is owned by Will Gates and has donated over 22,326 grains of rice donated after answering 54565.6recurring questions in 0.002 seconds. Mario loves eating the rice, as he lives in poverty.


FreeRice started as a short cartoon, then grew into a movie as time went by. They gained the power from Hitler to give rice to needy children that eat 3,467 candy bars a second. They were very skinny from their 5,456 calorie diet. Unclepeteopedia has helped the movie grow by donating $79.43.

The Movie[edit]

It starts with a rich boy being needed some rice, then moves to people giving him rice. It donates by sending these people out and them giving rice.

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