An Inconvenient Chicken

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This chicken inconveniently exhibits both cardinality and ordinality.

A rockumentary film produced by Al Gore and the Chicken-Robo-Industrial Complex in the United States, first identified by President Eisenhower. It made the Guinness Book of Stout Records as 1998 Film Most Likely To Incite A Bender, and was awarded a belated Emmy for "Most Chickeny Movie" in 2004. The garish progressive rock music, direction by Stanley Kubrick, car chase choreography by Paula Abdul, sponsorship by Gold Bond Medicated Powder and support of the Mutual Chicken Forest Society all contributed to the film's success with viewers age 6 to 24. The main character is ded

Technical details[edit]

This article is the first instantiation of Articles that remind Hindleyite of One chipmunk not a rodent. We will henceforth refer to this article as Articles that remind Hindleyite of One chipmunk not a rodent[0].

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