Lunchtime is Over

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Lunchtime is Over is a Hollywood film that grossed over nine million peanuts in its first week at the box office. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was the premier action movie of the period February 2006 - August 2008 and went on to scoop three Grammies and an Oscar for its services to the blowing stuff up industry.


The film's plot revolves around mild-mannered milkman Hugh Sock's daily tribulations and, most importantly, his quest to extend his dinner break from thirty to forty minutes. As the setting suggests, low-speed pursuits and milk crate crashes are abundant, as are milk-petrol (gas?) bomb explosions at the local supermarket.

WARNING: this section may contain spoilers.
Approach with extreme caution, unless you know what's coming.

Whilst Sock is ultimately unsuccessful in his attempt to increase his dinner break, an awful lot of police, innocent bystanders and buildings are blown up, making everything OK in the end. Except, there is so much carnage and death that Sock does not have any customers to deliver to, so he gets a job as a spongemaker instead.

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