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  Spoiler: You are Super Japanese Burned in the end  

Admin is an unreleased movie coming out in Subbuteo, Super Japan, Ultra Japan, and Illogicainen. Pengland, Super America and Knigston will not get releases, but Illogicainen has a Penglish release which may be imported. The movie's characters will include Silent Penguin, Grandmaster Flash, Longviper, Flameviper, Emperor Metalflower, Chancellor Jon, The Big Cheese, and Heather, helping the admins all are to make an appearnace. The movie's plot involves the Sword of Cheese and the admin's conquest to aqqcuire it, and the Vipers trying to protect it. The admins have an advantage in power, but the vipers in number and psychical strength. Meanwhile, the rebellions of Subbuteo and Super Japan go unnoticed as they, too, try to aqqcuire the sword without being caught. Whichever faction aqqcuires it first will come to power. Meanwhile, above ground (the sword located in a below-ground labyrinth), the countries fight; the rebels have two countries, but the Vipers have technology and the admins have followers. Who will win?

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