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The six emotions: disgust, fear, joy, anger, sadness, and bing bong.

Inside Out is the upcoming release from Disnaye/Pix0rz animation studios driven by its most revolutionary concept since 'what if our toys had feelings?'. This time, viewers are positioned to ponder: what if our feelings had feelings?

The story of the film revolves around a young girl with a suspicious case of schizophrenia and the members of her family, who appear to have passed the unfortunate ailment down to her. As a result, her mind is inhabited by the voices of questionable beings including a fairy that seems constantly hyped up on glitter and cocaine[1], a depressed version of that lady from The Incredibles, and an agitated purple cricket. Is the colour purple meant to be synonymous with being easily frightened and fainting at random intervals? Ah, the parallels. They never end.

Suddenly, a thing happens and a couple of these deranged inhabitants are propelled to the outside. [cue string section]

There they go on some huge adventure which probably ends with a lot of feelings having feelings[2], yet you wouldn't expect feelings to change their feelings since the concept of sadness couldn't possibly reform into not-sadness, almost defeating the purpose of this entire movie.

You know, it could have been worse, they could have had a subplot which outright demonises those who suffer from crippling depression.

Maybe it just turns into a bunch of sad clowns, or sad boys with their aesthetics and their vapourwave.

I will never understand vapourwave.


  1. The constant dispersal of glitter around the premises, at one point, caused the movie's protagonist to end up with a case of severe brain damage.
  2. You would expect some degree of damn that's intense from Pixar when they decided to have some guy assault another guy before showing a miscarriage in the same movie.