Brokeback Mountain

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“Even if it didn't win an Oscar, it won Oscar!”

Brokeback Mountain is a story of the beautiful love of a lost man in a misunderstanding world in the western United States.

Once there was a man named Ennis Del Mar. Ennis was the sheriff in the small town of Dry Spring Colorado, he was a beautiful man with a beautiful wife named Lureen. They lived a near-perfect life as there was little crime in their town. That was until the day Jack Twist came.
Everyone knew Jack Twist as the outlaw who ravaged whole towns in a manner of days. However, as there was nothing to steal in Dry Springs, they had thought a big man like Twist would pass them over. They were wrong. What the townsfolk didn't know is that Jack Twist did his work for fun. But whatever his reason, the locals knew that the only way they could survive on the day he rode in was to call on their sheriff.
However, when they asked Ennis to protect the city he was unsure of himself. Although he had been the sheriff for years there was never an outlaw who came around as ruthless as Jack Twist, though he knew it was right to protect all the people he had lived with for years, he could not bear the thought of dying, leaving his wife alone... And so Ennis turned tail and left with Lureen to the fancy saloon down the lane, telling his faithful deputy to pose as him until Twist moseyed on out.
But when Twist found the deputy, it wasn't hard to figure that he was no sheriff. And so he made a deal with the boy's life in exchange for that ofthe sheriff. The deputy got scared and told Twist that Ennis was taking a rest with his wife at the Dusty Rock Cafe, and with that the outlaw thanked the yellow varmit, and killed him anyway.
Jack Twist arrived at ol' Dusty Rock and found Ennis from the description he was given by the young deputy. The frightened crowd parted as he made his way up to Ennis and Lureen, and in front of the shocked patrons, he put a bullet in both their chests.
The town doctor tried his darndest to fix Ennis up the best he could, but so many of his inners were hurt by the shot that it took weeks to heal, and in that time Twist laid siege to the town, killing near everyone, before leaving the ravaged village behind him.
The doc said that by some miracle Ennis had survived and would be able to take up his sheriff's duties again. But one thing could not heal, the hole left in his heart (not the physical one, in case y'all were confused) that Twist had put in him when he killed his wife. With her gone, Mr. Del Mar saw there was barely a small town left to defend, so with nothing left to live for, he went after Jack Twist.
The trail led him to Pittsburgh, where he found he had missed Twist by 3 days, but he swore he would find him and have his revenge. On with the chase, Miami, Dallas, New Orleans...
until he came to Wyoming, where he had heard the law had cornered Jack Twist on Brokeback Mountain.
By the time Ennis had gotten to Wyoming he was tired. (Wouldn't you be if you had ran from Colorado to Wyoming on the most random trail ever?). So he took a stop in the small town, which itself had been run down by the killer. As he stopped in the local motel he was visited by the person who would change his life.
Tall and slender, Taylor's boyfriend had also died at the hands of Jack Twist, while Taylor had barely survived in the same way Ennis had, with a broken heart.
When the concierge came to Ennis' room and told the tale, he saw beauty, and sympathy. In all his travels no one had opened up to him the way Taylor did, and no one had begged him not to continue his hunt like the young individual before him. Ennis still refused, despite feeling more comfortable than he had in months.
That night Taylor disrobed to Ennis Del Mar, starting with the tight vest enclosing the cloth shirt, which went next to expose a fine lace bra covering Taylor's small, soft breasts. As the broken bellgirl climbed in to bed with him, Ennis felt as he hadn't in months, for the first time since his tragedy... he felt complete.
Ennis honestly wondered whether or not he should get up that next morning. His wife was gone, but he had Taylor, and Jack Twist wasn't coming out of Brokeback Mountain anytime soon. Ennis stayed in bed for a long time, and he would have stayed for longer, had he not heard the screams below.
The lawmen who went after Jack Twist were all dead, thrown off of Brokeback Mountain. They had left behind wives, children, people who loved them dearly, people forced to see them driven through town in the back of a horse and carriage, in pieces as those who knew them cried. Jack Twist was not like this, he had no family, no friends, because he had no love in his heart. Ennis realized that Jack Twist would never stop killing, and would never give a damn about who. Taylor and himself had been spared, but who wouldn't be? Without another word, Ennis ran out the hotel, guns loaded and holstered. Taylor looked behind him, and silently whimpered.
Fast as he could, Ennis scaled Brokeback Mountain, now with no more revenge in his heart, Lureen would rest in peace. He would kill Jack Twist simply to stop any more love lost.
And ol' Jack Twist was living like a savage, he was trapped in Brokeback Mountain and with the law circling it, couldn't come down. He simply trapped meat to stay alive, drank from a gushing mountain stream and shot down every man fool enough to cross his path. When Ennis Del Mar came to see he never would come down, it was no different. He shot before Ennis could get his full head up into the cave, blowing his hat off. With all his might, Ennis pulled himself up into the moist cave on Brokeback Mountain, and for the first time, properly introduced himself to the person who had in a way kept him company for the past few months.
"I'm the sheriff, and I've come to defend my town" spoke Ennis
"I haven't even touched your town... yet" replied Twist
"Yes you have, months back. I wasn't there then, but now I've come to make sure you won't touch another town"
Twist had made damn sure that no sheriff survived his raids, not even the one in Wyoming. But sheriff or not, he wouldn't have anyone disturb him in his lair and without another word, shot Ennis Del Mar in the same precise spot as he had all those moths ago, the heart.
A look of evil triumph in his eyes, Jack walked over to Ennis step by step in his old, dirty boots. He stopped an inch away from the man who had secretly pursued him all those wiles and lifted up one dirty boot, aimed straight for Ennis Del Mar's crotch, and fixed to kick him off of Brokeback Mountain and into the dirt below.
However, Jack stopped again, just inches from the target when Ennis rose up, gun in his hand. When Jack Twist had first shot Ennis, he had missed, missed the heart by only centimeters, now, Twist had made an even bigger mistake. Months ago, the shot he took on Brokeback Mountain would have laid ol' Ennis Del Mar dead as a doorknob, but after being shot the first time, his heart, and some other important inners had to be moved to the other side of his body. As a result, he didn't bleed one drop when he was shot.
So Ennis Del Mar shot back, the shell hit Jack Twist directly into his heart, his real, black heart. The villain fell back, and died.
And so Ennis was the hero, though he shed no blood he bled, bled on the inside. But he was okay, Jack Twist was dead, the evil spirit no longer loomed over Wyoming. Brokeback Mountain was exorcised, but the preacher had sacrificed himself. It was okay, because for this, he was going to Heaven.
And as Ennis died, he was approached by a vision, Lureen appeared before him and begged him not to go. Ennis loved his wife and wanted to be with her, but he also honored and obeyed, and so as Lureen told him that there were still things to do and people to know on this Earth, Ennis listened, and as he came to and saw Taylor before him, he knew what he had to do...
Now, Ennis was the sheriff again, and nothing was going to get on his back anymore.

There was also a porno version made in 2005.