High School Massacre

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High School Massacre (the De-Efronolator) is the hotly anticipated sequel to High School Musical 3:Senior Year. Featuring the same cast as before, its expected to be the smash hit of the summer, critics already dubbing it "the best film evar fo'rizzle".


Set in the same high school as the previous films the plot revolves around the recently graduated pupils being forced to return and retake the year after realising that merely celebrating with everyone else at the end of the year doesn't automatically count as passing the course. So without further adue the downhearted heroes set to work ..for about 5 minutes before breaking into song.

This quickly wears thin and several other student's sanity begin to dissolve away in a tirade of expertly coreographed pop sequences. Eventually one pupil, having had his maths coursework ruined for the third time that week by Gabriella table dancing on it snaps, pulls out an M16 carbine and fires blankly into the crowd, raining death on all around him. Chad "the black guy" Danforth is forced to watch his eyeballs fall out before being bludgeoned to death with his own basketball. Upending book cases and tables the killer manages to seal the exits, and having shot the most of his contemporaries he forces the mortally wounded Troy Bolton to eat the brain of one of the dinner ladies. He then shoots him in the spine, laughing as the basketball team captain's writhing body quickly falls still.

Turning to Gabriella the gunmen pulls out a scalpel he'd swiped from a biology practical. Taking care not to sever any major arteries he slices off her face, before putting his hands behind the lips and working it like a puppet in front of her horrified eyelidless gaze. All the while emptying the school's salt supply on her. His work done, the pupil then sits back down and calmly finishes his lunch, humming cheerfully to himself. Midway through his third sandwich a SWAT team arrive and take him out, the credits quickly following.

Possible Sequel[edit]

So successful have the pre-release reviews been that director Kenny Ortega is already said to be considering a follow-up. Set a year later it would revolve around the surviving students and members of the faculty desecrating the graves of Troy and co. and campaigning for Glee to be taken off the air.