Troll sqrt(2)+3i

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Troll sqrt(2)+3i is a movie about Italian supremacist cannibals. One perspective says it is a sequel to Troll sqrt(2). Another perspective says it is a spiritual successor to Troll sqrt(2). Another perspective says it is an independent stand-alone film.

Troll sqrt(2)+3i is just like Troll sqrt(2), but it adds an imaginary part, which is a good compliment to Troll sqrt(2)'s irrational reality. Higher critics claim that its rational, imaginary part is absolutely more valuable than its irrational, real part.


The director was stoned throughout filming, so he turned over control to his wife, who just happened to be annoyed with Italian supremacists at the time.


While on vacation, (character) overhears a meeting of the cannibals talking about Italian supremacy. Then the cannibals see (character) and are hungry, but can't eat him because he's Italian, so they devise a plan to turn him into a Norwegian by feeding him poisoned lutefisk.

When they offer (character) the lutefisk, he turns it down because lutefisk is disgusting.


(the plot doesn't really progress from there, because logic had overwhelmed the premise.)