The Interview: World Police

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The Interview: World Police is a movie made by Sony Pictures and... we're not allowed to talk about it. At all... All we're allowed to tell you is that it's a movie made by Sony Pictures; the contents of this movie are, indescribable at best... Not that it's controversial or anything but we can't describe it. It was never planned to be released; those damn hackers released the name of the movie on one of their documents and because of its notability, we're forced to have a page about it.


I don't know, it involves an interview with world police or something. Again, we're not allowed to talk about it.


Billions of dollars were spent on this movie and it was filmed in the USA, special effects were done by Sony Pictures using Sony Pictures machines and specific locations included USAtown or something... It took like the length of a 2 years in order to make this movie and the filmmakers wanted to make something they were proud of.

"We're really proud of this movie, or something... We can't say." -Filmmakers


Apparently this movie isn't supposed to be mentioned or described at all, we're not even allowed to speculate on it. Or else the world would collapse and everything you know will be wiped away in a firery blast from the fires of hell. Is that enough?


Well this movie was supposed to be released but due to certain factors, it will never be released... Thank you Sony Pictures!

Where to get it[edit]

Are you kidding, we could get sued and arrested! You're on your own kid!