Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is, in fact, about a man named Mr. Smith, who goes to Washington. Notably, the Capitol Building is depicted as having a spire, in what is believed to be a thinly veiled bit of commentary on the director's wife and her low quality of knitting.


Mr. Smith sets out for Washington, in order to be in Washington. But, he forgets to turn the gas off before leaving!!!!!

"Ha ha!" cackles the gas, "you have left me off!" So the gas follows Mr. Smith, who takes a scenic route. The gas, meanwhile, takes the short route, and is waiting for him in Washington when he arrives.

The gas decides to bide its time. But too much time biding can be fatal. The gas dies.

Mr. Smith gets to be a shenotur, by presenting an "admit one" ticket that he had in his pocket from an amusement park. He proposes a bill in the senate. But the seven galleries full of corrupt senators and congressman all draw on his bill with crayons!

The speaker of the House of Senators is incensed at the proposed bill. "We can't pass this," says the speaker. "It's covered in crayon!"

The panels of evil cardboard cutouts think they have won! "We get to throw you into the presidential bear pit," they say. Mr. Smith is dejected, but an idea forms in his brain. Mr. Smith gathers his courage and talks his way to a win.

Critical reception[edit]

Most critics had bad reception. Someone must have fudged their radios. But the critics who did see the film gave it "a deadly shock" out of 10.


Umm..., something like

|      |
|      |
|      |

w/ some Golden Cubes and an Emma. That looks right.