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Spying On! is the title of the 2006 action children's flick starring Tom Hanks, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Hayley Joel Osmont. A severely overgrown Osmont, way past his prime as a child actor, plays a toddler with gigantism who gets abducted by masked villains from his suburban middle-class household. Osmont's father, Tom Hanks with a fake handlebar moustache, who also happens to be the pilot of a nuclear submarine, dons his sub suit and heads out to the high seas to get his son back from the evil Russian Spy mastermind Daniel Day-Lewis.


Spying On! was received very poorly, being compared to movies like Melville Amsterdam and the Ironing Board XII: The Ironing Board Gets a Pair of Infrared Goggles and Spy Kids and the Goblet of Fire. Daniel Day-Lewis was very disappointed, seeming as he gained over 200 pounds for his antagonist role, and would later die of heart failure.