The Normal Case of Benjamin's Butt on...

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-Before reading this article, be wary that this movie is not a blatant ripoff about a lousy idiot who apparently ages backwards. Big deal. I can age forwards, why don't they make a movie about me? Just because someone gives birth to an 88 year old person, you don't have to make a movie about it. That's like saying Benjamin's butt is on something. On the backwards ageing time machine, that's what.-


The plot is an extremely crappy unique plot.

The elderly woman whose name is Daisy of an unkown origin lies dead with a necromancer who revives her. She opens a "Photo Album $9.95" and reads aloud to her retarded daughter about a man named Benjamin whose butt causd her to have tuberculosis something.

You see, there's this guy called Benjamin and he came out of his mother's womb butt first, hence they named him Benjamin. After Benjamin's butt has rested on Doctor Octopus's womb pushing device, he realizes he is 99 years old. Okay, he can't because he's 99, but the doctor octopus says, (in actual transcript) "Check his pulse!" His father, Thomas Michael Jackson exclaims, "Hey kiddies".

After the doctor checks the pulse of Benjamin's butt, he grows down to 98 years and they realize he has some kind of disease which is tuberculosis agedownosmosis, a disease that makes you age down osmosis. Benjamin decides he will fall in love with this strange woman whose name is Daisy of unknown origin. It is then revealed her name is Daisy still of unknown origin, so there was actually no relevance.

They find this mysterious clock which is built backwards and they eat it and break a Guiness World Record. Suddenly Benjamin releases a huge amount of gas which causes Daisy the woman whose name is of unknown origin to catch a fatal disease known as Gassascolossus. She almost dies.

He uses her body to create a child out of mangled body parts in a car accident somewhere. He calls the child "Retardendo" and she attempts to kill him.

He leaves the child in a dump and uses a hobo and Daisy woman of unknown origin's brain to build the new Daisy woman of unknown origin. Then he takes un-steroids to transform into a baby and he dies.

Then a flood attacks the apartment building causing to destroy everyone inside. The end.


They never stayed at a hotel, so did not receive any reception.


  • Nominated: Best Complex Storyline
  • Nominated: Strangest Character
  • Nominated: Most Extensive Use Of Drugs In A Movie
  • Nominated: Movie Showing How To Not Escape In A Flood
  • Won: Worst Picture
  • Lost: The Game

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