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Forrest Gump in his natural habitat

Forrest Gump (1955-1994 -) is the dumbest man on earth with an IQ of -54664686847645645153. He has a wife, Jenny, a friend that's a head, Lieutenant Dan, a talking shrimp friend, Bubba and a sister, Pikachu. Gump has done such things as be a crippled child and became uncrippled by running after a visit with the doctor, plays 12234456565 football games in one hour with a college scholarship, gets killed in Vietnam and reincarnated himself, played 152521566 games of Ping Pong in 0.4567756 seconds and ran across the world in one day. He is now a bum that sits on a bench in the park eating 65456846867456564 pounds of chocolate per minute (and gains no weight!) and tells random people the stuff I'm about to tell you right now.


Forrest Gump with Jenny

Gump was 3.7 inches tall and was crippled boy until he ran out of the doctor's office and a fairy magically healed him. He went on the bus and 32232 out of the 75 kids wouldn't let Gump sit by them because he was a retard. Some innocent girl, Jenny let him sit in the 4th seat in the 2 seat platform. Gump and Jenny spent 45 hours of the 128 minute day with each other. He also played Monopoly with his sister, Pikachu all day. 1 game per .2123 seconds.


Since Gump had no brain at all, he got a scholarship for a whole bunch of colleges and played football for all of them at the same time. 12234456565 to be exact. Jenny got a scholarship to be a lazy bum from an all-Female college, so Forrest got to see Jenny at her college. One of the colleges he played for was an all-Male college, and he got to see Kelly Ripa. He graduated and got an offering for the NFL and took it, but doesn't play. A magic warphole took Gump into an Army bus and he went into the Army.

The Army[edit]

Gump could load and unload a gun in .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds and the sergeant thought he had an IQ of 56165445655464564456545645644554. He met his talking shrimp buddy Bubba there. He also met Lieutenant Dan, his friend that's just a head with no body. Gump got killed in an alien invasion in Vietnam and reincarnated himself. Gump got out of Vietnam and became an Army bum playing Ping Pong for a job, played 152521566 games of Ping Pong in 0.4567756 seconds every time. Gump got kicked out of the Army for breathing 84648948486 times in .561489489484 seconds.

The Shrimp[edit]


Gump ate Bubba and caught 5775873878999779 shrimps in .4358466 seconds each time in a small net. He then took shrimp seeds and started a shrimp garden. He ate 5464242466587577537687 shrimp a minute. He was a shrimp tycoon in his stomach.

The Broccoli[edit]

Booba was actually obsessed with broccoli and not shrimp. The whole movie is a lie. He wanted to tell Morest Mumps that he loved broccoli but thought he would be offended because broccoli is the same colour as forest's are which is Forrest's name.


Gump met 64865 of the USA presidents for no reason.

The Run[edit]

Gump ran across the world in one day and looked like a hobo after. He ate nothing and didn't sleep a bit.


“Her phone number was 867-5309”

Gump went to revisit Jenny and married her. She died and right after the funeral, she gave birth to Forrest Gump Jr. Forrest Gump died in 1994 and reincarnated himself in the year 5456 and just tells random people the stuff I just told you. So if you want, hear it again by going to the park in England, Louisiana and look for Forrest.