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Look at what you've done, you fool! You bothered to reach my userpage! A total W.A.S.T.E. of time! Why must it always be me?
Anyway, hello <insert name here>. Glad to see you round these twisted, evil parts of Illogicopedia.

Synanim1.gifThom's Witnesses.jpgSynanim1.gif


Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif

Hello, fellow psychological wayfarer. Welcome to the deepest, darkest region of humanity, expressed in such a manner attributing to the darkest minds on the face of this Earth that you, <insert name here>, can't help but admit that even you have both felt and not felt these dark attributes of the human soul... at the exact same time. It is then that you are at war with yourself, a process that even the most righteous of persons endure. Why? Because the world is a distinct color of grey; nothing is black and white anymore. So, one has to resort to a decision, and those decisions can drive a person MAD!

Food for your illogical thought: is your brain you, or are you your brain?

Radiohead-Gif.gif Radiohead-Gif.gif

“What will grow crooked you can't make straight; it's the price that you gotta pay.”

~ Thom Yorke in the song "Black Swan".

Okay, that's enough logic for now. Spock! Its your break now! Antispock! Man the fleet from here on out!

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A Universal Sigh[edit | edit source]

16px, you idiot? Nonononono, it's a synch based on synanims!! IT'S 16px! 16PX!!! CHOCOLATE COVERED ZEBRAS DIPPED IN CYANIDE!!! Nope. I FREAKING SWEAR THEY'RE COVERED IN A COAT OF GREEN PLASTIC!!! Nein. But all I wanted was a moon upon a stick... best call the local midwife then. Wait... a midwife?

—Twoandtwoalwaysmakesafive, trying to remember which Radiohead song that was.

"Username please?"

"<insert name here>."

"Oh, it's just you."

"Well, yeah! Who else would I be?"

"Me. Or XY010."

"Oh right. Sorry."

"Well, what I are you waiting for, <insert name here>? Welcome to Hell!"

"Um... well, I see that bear you have there..."

"Oh, you mean the one that hardly blinks at the top left corner? Yeah, that's Cuttooth."

"Yeah, that's great, but... the way he's sadistically smiling and just stares a you... It's quite unnerving."

"If he's staring at you, that means he's daydreaming how your body would look when it's floating down the liffy after he's completely murdered you. And that smile means that he'll decapitate you and show off you head to all his newfound friends."

"That's it; I'm going-"



Synanim1.gif <--- Cuttooth the bear after feasting on a delicious user on Illogicopedia.


(Shawn) Oh, hello there, <insert name here>. You are now in the Afterlife. You're probably here because Cuttooth personally saw to it that you entered his digestive system you groveled about me on your user page. I will NOT grovel about you on my userpage, because I'm a strong believer in the Golden Rule (preached by The Great Hindleyite of Hindley), so I will not grovel about you. It's also because I'm cool like that. Hey, uh... <insert name here>... before you can go any further in my userpage, um... please take this brief insanity test. I heard that if you get the right answer whilst staring at the bear at the top left corner of this page (which blinks occasionally), you will be visited by purple land-sharks blessed by Hindleyite and Cthulhu while they were rupturing your aunt's goat's baby's larynx. But when I did it, I went to Heaven in a little row boat, so... yeah.

Please vote below. Results will be shown when you have voted.
You are not entitled to view results of this poll before you have voted.
There was one vote since the poll was created on 06:53, 30 Aym 2017.
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Now take your answer, add some mustard, ketchup, relish, goat cheese, horseradish, sausage, shiitake mushrooms, your bloody stool, bourbon, turtle eggs, and a generous helping of amoebic dysentery. What do you get?

That is, unless you got fish as your answer. If you did, consider it a recommendation of what you should make for your country's leader when you (hah, NEVER!) get the opportunity to meet him/her. When serving, please leave a small, generous note saying, "We hope that you choke." Synanim1.gif

Please wait while your mother finishes cheating on her taxes... Synanim1.gif

If your mother had to go to the lavatory due to sudden chronic hemorrhoidal constipation, and you are tempted to cheat on dem taxes, please go to my troll article and desecrate it as much as you please. Here is my troll article: Twoandtwoalwaysmakesafive. Synanim1.gif

A brief history.[edit | edit source]

For a 3 minute 26 second video biography on me from YouTube that's too scary and therefore not for little kiddies, go to:

Damn it I already posted it.

Rn2-09 Pt1 + Pt2 By Aoki Takamasa

The Fascist[edit | edit source]

Umm... I can shoop woops?

Herro again, <insert name here>. I am a seemingly new user here that joined some time in Farbleum of 2015. ( Please don't eat me. I know i sound utterly delicious.) I am rarely constantly active, so expect me to be translating Radiohead's lyrics and Hannibal Lecter's fantasies into the form of articles on Illogicopedia all the time. In the miraculous occurrence of the event where I summon up the energy to use the muskulls in mah posterior to haul my sorry buttox off of my lovely sofa that a few Chinese 7-year-old-children labored on to create, turn off that brainwashing magic box called a TV, pretend to chase a slice of bacon on a string that coincidentally leads to my office of sorts, hunker down on my cheap office chair, and then work some of my magic on this website, I GET REKT. Unless you're XY007. Message Sophia instead. She will be a substantial help. (Don't take my word for it.)

Tew Bahd![edit | edit source]

I am also known to spontaneously electrocute talk hosts when I become amused, so please don't try to tickle me.

Unlike most fantastic and legendary yewzerz here on Illogicopedia, I am the second most realistic and down-to-earth user here (the first one being Estero). There are times where i can tap into that beautiful majestic albino tiger called my moral insanity that i then use to work some magic on this site, but otherwise I'm a chameleon. I also play Marvel Contest of Champions like there's no tomorrow so go ahead 1v1 me come on let's go put 'em up. In case you're wondering, I am not British. Look at the very bottom of this page to find out. I am also a very wicked child.

My sincerest apologies, but with all due respect, I do not believe that I am fluent in the English language, as I am having much trouble learning how to acquire it so that I may utilize it throughout my life here in the United States of America, where hardly any of its inhabitants in the Eastern and Midwestern part speak my native language and disregard my culture.[edit | edit source]

Am i the only one that understands ethics around here? I mean, COME ON! Oh, snarf you all.

Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif Synanim1.gif[edit | edit source]


http://msgboard.radiohead.com/ (I go by the username "Snakes Ladders")


http://www.waste-central.com (I go by the username "The OTHER Boney King of Nowhere")


My favo(u)rite Radiohead related websites.

"Look Mommy! I learned how to put on a tube sock!"[edit | edit source]

Forgot my password once so I had to resort to this.



Art-tick-lulz[edit | edit source]

Re:DIE!(REKT!)(s)[edit | edit source]

Cats are gory![edit | edit source]

  • Category: Microsoft Edge user
  • Category:Articles designed to attract dark forces
  • Category:I'm having so much fun with HotCat right now...
  • Category:A particular user's obsession
  • Category:Radiohead

What do you think will happen if I make these categories links on my page? Exactly. So no whining.

Illogicopedia is dead...for now. I bet XY007 doesn't think so, though. XY007 says: No I don't! ?pedia is alive and well OK?

Has the reign of Testostereich ended? XY007 says: Indeed it hass (avocados).

Professions Unto The World[edit | edit source]

Chan Messageboards[edit | edit source]


Submarines make payments to Gisselle. .[edit | edit source]

Want to find out a little more about me? These subpages should give you an insight as to who I am. As you can see, I am a huge fan of Radiohead, so if you wish to find out why, it'd be best to see my third-to-last subpage.

Siguhnuhcheruhz[edit | edit source]

The Undulum Calendar[edit | edit source]

The Undulum calendar has 40-year cycles, so generally the year number in your service is an avocado or it will be (YEAR) mod 40 - 1502. Also since the birth of Our Saviour, the Only Compadrion, on AD 1502, the current cycle is UD 12:33. Change your calendar, y'all. Kunishmuss is 'round the corner. (Proof that this user sucks at math[s].)

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