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[1] is the genetic study of [2]. You may think this sounds incredibly [3]. Well it is.
Some people use [4] as their religion. They basically worship pies. They worship the [5], which is a [6] being with extraordinary power, and makes the best pies ever. If you ever meet the reborn [7], 
The act of [8] is actually a crime. If one says he/she is the [9] 
It is all very [10] in my opinion. I cannot really say anything about things being [11], because if you are reading this right now, than you have stumbled on the very site that has [12] definitions. It is highly [13].
  1. Piism
  2. pie
  3. stupid
  4. Piism
  5. Piessiah
  6. mythical
  7. Piessiah
  8. Piism
  9. Piessiah
  10. illogical
  11. illogical
  12. illogical
  13. illogical