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“I was bored (roughly five minutes ago, though you'd have to check when this comment was posted, and compare it to how long on average it takes me to write something before hitting the save button, to work out when exactly I said this, thus providing them with the key to determine when the 'five minutes ago' occured, since anyone reading this will hasten to realise that by the time that they've read this that it will almost certainly be longer than five minutes ago to when I notioned that I had been bored, it's a bit of a longwinded quest, considering I had to check for grammar a couple of times, but y'know, I think it's worth it, just so you can be exactly sure, pedanticly so, as to exactly when I proclaimed myself as bored.) - anyway, I was bored, and decided to creat a quote based article on pedantacism. This, in case you haven't noticed, is it.”

~ A Pedant on editing this article

“Recent Surveys suggest tell us, explicitly, that pedantacism is considered by exactly 67.5554545870001598999939982226577777777001010101010110002222834771% of the general population to be annoying.”

~ News Reader