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Izmizm is a simple yet powerful philosophy, based on the late works of Hieronymous Bosch.

It begins and ends with the statement, "Everything exists".

That's about it.

On second thought...[edit | edit source]

...we believe that angels fly out of our butts and infuse the world with cool Caribbean rhythms. Inspired by the ravings of a 17th century Viennese crackpot named Pfeffel Lollyfarb, who plastered Izmizm propaganda posters all over Cracow during a laudenum-fueled jaw harp concert tour. Since he was seriously demented, most of the posters made no sense at all, not even bothering to include the word "izm". Until he released Series 603 into circulation, a crudely drawn skeleton with the inscription, "the Clam Witches seek to oppress the masses with moistness". Somehow, this statement inspired enough other loons to take up legs for the cause, whatever that might be.

One possible, but mostly completely unrelated and outta nowhere, interpretation of this supposed “izmizm”…[edit | edit source]