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Cultural Marxism does not exist. It is a conspiracy theory invented by the far Right sometime in the late 1990s as an elaborate hoax. Marxism, after all, focuses exclusively on economics and therefore cannot be cultural. There is no intersectional ideological stack uniting radical feminism, race-baiting and Marxism. There is no such thing as critical theory. The Frankfurt School is a myth. There is no such thing as political correctness, and the terms "propaganda" and "public relations" are not related to one another in any way.

Also, there is no such thing as "the Gay Agenda." Just because a group of people holds public demonstrations, distributes literature, advocates for legislative change, has professional activists and paid lobbyists influencing policymakers does not mean that it has an agenda. Because equality isn't an agenda. Even if there is in fact an organized plan of action by gay activists to enact legislative change, and an agenda is defined as an organized plan of action to enact legislative change, it does not follow that there is a "Gay Agenda." That's just not logical.

The above tells you everything that you really need to know about cultural Marxism. It's a non-issue and no credible person talks about it. In fact, if you ever mention it or use the term, it means that you are not credible. However, it may be worthwhile to delve into the history of this hoax just out of curiosity.

History[edit | edit source]

Cultural Marxism was conceived of by William Lind in early 1998 as something which he could blame all the world's problems on, thus granting the Far Right something that they could unify against, because a common enemy is an excellent way to maintain political power. Therefore, in order to make this imaginary enemy seem more credible, he fabricated all the works by all of the authors on this list.

This took over two years, so that all would be ready for the public to hear his speech in February, 2000 in which the Right's new imaginary enemy would be revealed. It was only because of the incredible work done by this man and his army of barely literate nigger women slaves to fabricate all of the Frankfurt School and the key critical theorists that the Right manages to continue to seem at least somewhat intellectually credible to any people at all today. Those nigger biatches were more than a little sloppy though. Most of Theodor Adorno's work could be copy-pasted onto Illogicopedia with zero changes. Hopefully, before long, the hoax will be revealed for the complete fabrication that it is and we will no longer have to deal with the Right accusing random people of "cultural Marxism" or talking about "the Gay Agenda" in politics. And also, William Lind's nigger women slaves should probably be set free, but if we did that then they'd probably be even more oppressed by The Patriarchy so we're not sure there's any point to that. I guess we should put them on bread and water making "This is What a Feminist Looks Like" T-shirts for pennies somewhere in the Third World -- that is, if the Pakistani Muslim rape gangs we aren't supposed to talk about don't get them first.

The Pakistani Muslim rape gangs also didn't exist, by the way. Rape culture exists, but rape culture and Pakistani Muslims in the U.K. do not overlap at all. And the fact that they were able to carry on raping 1400 girls in the U.K. over the course of a decade has absolutely nothing to do with the culture of fear the Far Left has created in which the police would rather look the other way than risk being called "racist."[1]

  1. Trust me bro