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“Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism. They should believe in Anti-Ism-Ism! Here, take a copy of this. It's the Anti-Ism-ism Manifesto!!”

~ Farris Bueller on Isms

Isms are a form of parasite that attach themselves to people's brains and sucks out all their objectivity. Yes, even and especially Objectivism does this. But the very worst most deadly form of Ism is Ismism. Ismismists attempt to believe in every ism all at once, at the same time! Very subjectively deadly!!

The only way to avoid believing in an Ism is to not express any opinions at all and stick to the facts, except for the undeniable fact that all facts are opinion based and no opinions are fact-based, so the only way to avoid believing in an ism is to embrace Anti-Ism-Ism.

Anti-Ism-Ism purports to be a reverse form of Ism, but instead of filling your brain with objectivity, Anti-Ism-Isms usually succeed only in filling your brain with cynicism, which is another quite nasty form of ism.

So you're pretty much out of luck.


~ An Optimist

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