Do you know the secret to the perfect swing?

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Do you know the secret of the perfect swing? is the unofficial motto of the North American Baseball Haters Association (NABHA).


The motto originally came from Babe Ruth when he accidentally ripped off his pinky finger in an epic battles against a monkey with leprosy. It was later quoted on the news by Joey Ramone who at the time was dressed as a giant chicken and working as a waitress at the local dentist. Soon the whole world was jumping on the bandwagon to give all of their blood to the State Department.

The popularity of the motto reached its peak when a group of blind violinists began hiding packages of baloney inside the old glue factory just outside of town. When the arsonists arrived to put out the ice only the bones remained. The police tried to cover it all up by blaming it on a bad case of distemper, but the journalists had probed enough potatoes to know the real truth about what happened and turned all the cops over to the librarians of Hogwarts Academy.

The North American Baseball Haters Association[edit]

NABHA is nothing more than a bunch of miscreants, petty thieves, and professional golfer who think it is there right to hate baseball no matter how much society deems it immoral. And in the past they have used baseballs to craft torches which are then later used to set fire to flophouses, killing thousands of innocent vegetables in the process.

Peace crimes are fairly common among the ranks, having stolen too many inkbottles from Howard Cosell, popped Maria Sharapova’s bra one too many times, and converted all the mineral water over to paint thinner. They can also walk through invisible walls, which makes them all that more annoying.