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You have discovered a new sport
For those who can't handle the real truth, the spinners of fake truth at Wikipedia have a thoroughly boring article on Disc golf.

“My husband, Grant Hill should be good at this; it's just a net like basketball

~ Tamia on Disc Golf

Tamia, if he starts playing, I'll get Adele to stand between him and the net to give him a handicap”

You know how to throw me

~ Phyllis Hyman on Frisbees

The game[edit]

Disc golf is probably the best sport in the world. At the very least, what would you rather watch on ESPN, billiards, or an actual sport? The goal in disc golf is to realize you suck at the sport whilst throwing small "discs" at trees.

I actually like to play disc golf, which puts me in that ever-growing 0.0142857% of the population!

I've run out of funny, so here are some hazards of disc golf.

Watch out for trolls or gnomes in the rough. They're is usually at least one on each course. They hide on the sides of the fairway and steal poorly-thrown discs.

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