Insane Pigeon Bowling

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Insane Pigeon Bowling is a new sport 'Created by pigeons, for pigeons®'.


The Insane Pigeon Bowling Committee has set these rules by law and anyone found not obey these rules will be subject to anything up to Level 3 Pigeon Law punishment. The rules are as follows:

  1. No humans are allowed to play. (The only exception to this rule is me, as I own.)
  2. The Pigeon King must be allowed to control at least one pigeon in the game.
  3. Physical contact is compulsory.
  4. All wings must be straight out then taped with huge amounts of chocolate.
  5. Halfway through the game, Mr. Bananajib must be taped to a large swimming pool.

Insane Pigeon Bowling Committee[edit]

The Insane Pigeon Bowling Committee is responsible for setting the Insane Pigeon Bowling rules, regulations, safety guidelines and making sure these are abided by.

Members of the Committee[edit]

  • James May
  • The Pigeon King
  • The Pigeon Labour Party Chancellor

The Pigeon King[edit]

The Pigeon King is primarily responsible for Insane Pigeon Bowling. He is also a very influential member of the Insane Pigeon Bowling Committee.