Furniture Watching

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Furniture watching is a popular pastime in many countries. It is the process of standing (though this can be a challenge - many furniture watchers sit instead) and staring at a piece of furniture for hours on end.

It is an art form.

Most furniture watchers keep checklists of the furniture they have watched. My checklist is woefully low. Alas. It seems I spend all my time watching my bathtub.

It is a gorgeous bathtub.

I wish I had more bathtubs. It would be interesting to have one bathtub for every part of my body. I could walk from bathtub to bathtub and rinse each part individually. Though I suppose the floor might get wet.

Those who enjoy furniture watching also enjoy furniture wrestling, which is the sport of wrestling a piece of furniture until it is unconscious. I may have already discussed this pastime. I wouldn't be at all surprised. I wouldn't be at all surprised. I tend to repeat myself often. I tend to repeat myself often.

You're still snoring, you barsteward.

Another five minutes (obliterated).