The Art Of Ping Pong

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“Ah yes, ping pong. Only the lucky survived.”

~ Wise Old Oriental Man

“Ping pong's fun. That's all I have to say about that...”


~ A Random Dancing Banana

“Starfish loves you!!!”

~ Starfish on the merits of his loving-ness in comparison to the power of Ping Pong

“This is the best game!!!!11!1!”

~ Some Person

Introduction And Brief History[edit]

Long ago, in the land of ancient China, was invented something that nearly changed the entire fate of the entire world forever. A cross breed between martial arts, and sports, it was cunning and fierce, yet easy enough to be played by anyone. It was in a mystice valley, that The Art Of Ping Pong, or as the Chinese say, Ping Pong was invented. The secret to the game was passed on from generation to generation, with each being bestowed the sacred knowledge, knowledge so powerful, so magical, that it was the most sought out thing to steal in the land of China. Many tried to steal away it's pure awesomeness, but all failed. Legions of Armies of ninjas were sent to retrieve the sacred scroll, but even ninjas were slain. Legions of Armies of gangsters were sent to steal it, but even the gangsters with their tommy guns could not get past, The Guardian. The Guardian was to sole protector of the mighty scroll. He was the greatest ping pong player ever to live. When to armies came, he simply used his patented, No-Can-Defend-Serve, where he used a single Ping Pong ball to destroy legions upon legions of foes. The mighty serve had also been passed down from Guardian to Guardian, an it finally rested in his hands. But then, something amazing happened. Someone returned the No-Can-Defend-Serve. It was the giant, four legged, poison spitting, space alien, gangster, ninja, pirate, robot, Llama, who's name is MARK. But, alas, he was disqualified, after the referee discovered he was actually a man in a llama suit, not a real llama. So, for the many years to come, the secret of The Art Of Ping Pong was guarded by an elite Guardian. And, until this day, only few know the true way to play this mystic and magical sport.....

Gameplay: The Secrets of The Game[edit]


Padawan, you are not ready for the rules

Selecting A Racket[edit]

Selecting A Ball[edit]

Racket Grips[edit]

Types of Play[edit]

Scoring Points[edit]

End Game[edit]