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Wheelstanding will become a popular sport in the near past, as people will not want to find other things to do when video games are outdated by more fun and dramatic things (again)!

Definitions[edit | edit source]

Noun: A wheelstand is exactly the same as a wheelie, except it is completely different.
Noun; (object) a stand for wheels that are stationary but at the same time moving at high speed.
Verb: Such as one to stand on the stationary wheel of a motorcycle while the wheel and the motorcycle is moving at high speed.

Geddit?[edit | edit source]

If you have no idea of what the "f" I am talking about then please don't let nobody read of this:

One day, when I was walking along the street, my friend, Phrenological came up to me on his monocotyledonous bike and offered for me to drive his bike. Of course I have always never wanted to ride a monocotyledonous bike, so I said yes. But he told me to drive fast otherwise he might fall off! So I did. He was absolutely amazing when he was doing his wheelstand - he kept running on that high speed, stationary wheel which wasn't of course moving at all but at the same time, moving at incredibly high speeds! And then all of a sudden, WHUMP! He was gone, under the monocotyledonous bike.

That is why you should always do Wheelstands while never doing them as well.

Nobody could do a wheelstand as good as my friend Phrenological -- Mr A. Nonymous