The Illogicopedia Olympics

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Is this thing on? Oh, it is... so, uhh... what do I say? ... Oh right, that. -ahem-

Alright folks, welcome to the Illogicopedia Olympics. Today we're gonna have some great events such as...

Round 1: Userpage destroying[edit]

Most of the Illogicopedians have been training their userpage-vandalising skills on Bennie Blade's userpage.

Round 2: Insanity Evasion[edit]

For this round, the participant must read as many of the previously featured articles as possible without going insane.

Round 3:Banana Peeling[edit]

For this round,peel off (or vandalize articles}

Round 4:Round 5[edit]

Four round 5, round 6round 7round 8round 9round 10. Urp.