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Ronaldinho one of the most well known soccer players in Europe is known mainly for his talent as a player and his contributions to the soccer world. This is why he is well known it is definitely not for having the biggest fricking smile that causes him to look like a monkey/donkey/some other animal with huge teeth, and people definitely don't know him because of the way he waves his hands around after he scores. These things are actually not his fault. Ronaldinho was born into a poor family in Brazil.

His mother was a donkey (also known as an ass) and his father was a shapeshifter from 2119 who came back in time because he fell in love with a donkey after seeing a picture of one and was forced to come to the past because they are extinct in the future. The only way young Ronnie was to fit in was to become a soccer player.

He played soccer in the street, in dark alleys, and he even tried to play in your mom's bed but then he realized she wasn't there and ran away. Ronaldino became famous a few years later after he foiled the plot of the evil magician Bill Clinton who tried to have an affair with his mom (yeah what an ass) and create an army of evil donkeys to take over the world. This showing of bravery allowed him to sign a multi million dollar contract with Barcelona and allowed him to move to Europe and leave his poor family alone and on the streets.

However unknown to Ronnie when he arrived in Spain everyone there had normal human features and wasn't half donkey. However being a shapeshifter he was able to adapt over time by slowly shapeshifting to gain enough human characteristics to be classified as a human. However much he tries though he is still not able to change his mouth as it was the one part of him that was rendered unshapeshiftable in his epic fight against dark magician Bill Clinton. He got married with another donkey and had a son named Ronaldinhonho, named after Ronaldinho himself.