Force Feeding Dragons

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Force Feeding Dragons is a sport where participants have to force feed dragons foods they don't like. The foods include peaches, pears, and artichokes. The normal technique is to climb up the dragons mouth and shove the food down their throats. 90% of participants have been eaten since it's inception in 1494. Those who didn't get eaten survived because they shit their pants and the dragon was "Damn! 'Dat stanky," and didn't want to eat them. They then quit the sport when they realized it was a very, very bad idea. The commissioner of the league is the only man ever to successfully force feed a dragon. In order to do so he told the dragon the "Chicken cross the road" joke and the dragon laughed so hard that he threw the food into his mouth. The dragon did eat off both of his legs and his left arm but he lived and therefore was successful. Referees judge the time it takes for the participants to die since that's the only way to tell who would win. The league was disbanded when there was a human-dragon sex scandal. Now underground leagues are still in progress after the disbanding. It has been reported that in one of the underground leagues another man has successfully force fed a dragon but the report is unconfirmed. But honestly, it's a very very very bad idea.