Grave Dancing

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“Screw thine parents, sayethèd el Jesuserino, four thoo hastèth filtered mine propaganda, and dancèd on mine grave.”

~ Deutoronomuhahaha, aha hahaha, haha. 66:6 on Misintepretthisnow

Grave Dancing is a craze seeping the nation of Anglaisland after some strange dudes in Plymouth misread the Bible again. Still, it's funny; throughout South-East England one can see graveyards full of disco balls and happy people; desecration is one small sacrifice for the happiness of our nation. On the other hand, this is hardly a dance, but rather a very grave matter. Now, where's my pin-shaped cannon ball? I want to collapse Hodgkins Trade Center. The dancing is so bad that Twilight Sparkle got banned from all the clubs in Equestria.....or at the very least Ponyville. Oh sorry got to fanfic-ity for you? Then off i go to seek my fortune on the carpet by chewing my blue shoes.....I mean the Wright and Co Law office from Ace Attorney. Objection!

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