Table Tennis

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Table Tennis is a popular sport where players use, instead of tennis rackets, tables to volley the ball back and forth. This sport requires a high amount of endurance. Most tables range around 10 to 15 pounds (4oz, 50kg) and are usually a brownish-blackish finish. Being able to swing the table, in general, is an incredible feat. So far there have been no successful volleys, and every match has ended in a tie.


The first game of Table Tennis was between two carpenters who needed something to do on their breaks with dysfunctional table. Coupled with an old Spalding ball they had laying around, these tables made for perfect athletic equipment for their new game.

League Formation[edit]

The Trans-International Table Tennis Incorporate of Eurasian States (TITTIES), the world's largest table tennis league, was formed in 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Historians are puzzled as to why this voyage started the league, but they are absolutely sure that is what happened.

Table Tennis Today[edit]

Table tennis is now popular among all ages, races, and genders. Children are encouraged to play table tennis with small, kiddie tables and foam balls. Athletes in top-shape often use long dining room tables in their events. Advocates for the game say that no matter what table you use, go out and play some tennis.