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Edit conflict is a common wiki occurrence that happens when two or more people try and post something on the same page simultaneously.

For a simple analogy, imagine if you will, two gentlemen in a queue at a gate. They both would like to simultaneously pass through this gate so they both run at the gate and get stuck up against each other in the gate way, the end result being neither could get through. Edit conflict results in you not being able to post your wonderful comment or article to Illogicopedia because someone else beat you to it.

It is also common knowledge that edit conflict only ever occurs when what you are writing is very important and/or took you longer than fifteen minutes to write out. It is also fairly common to be conflicted by some guy who reckons that simply posting "lol" will help push the conversation forward in a more positive direction.

The meaning of life, the universe and everything[edit | edit source]

Ok the meaning of life, the universe and everything is...

...OH DAMN YOU ILLOGICOPEDIA!! What do you mean I got edit conflicted!!! I had something important to say and it only took me two hours to write out. But I have to go out now so I guess the readers will never know what I had to say, shame really...

HowTo:Get that girl from highschool you really liked to go on a date with you[edit | edit source]

I'm glad you asked me this guys, because the trick is...

...Oh great someone posted in front of me!!! To hell with writing that out again, I seriously did know the secret!!!! But that secret will remain a secret because I am not going to go about explaining it again especially when I might get edit conflicted again >:(

HowTo:Make millions of dollars in under 30 seconds[edit | edit source]

I'm writing this from my gold coated laptop, because I'm a millionaire and I'm about to share the secret with you. So set all your current savings on fire right now because when I'm done they'll just be loose change. The trick is...

OH CRAP, I hope they didn't actually light all their belongings on fire because some jerk edit conflicted me and now I can't post the secret, and it sure as hell took me far too long to write out in the first place to write it out again. I guess they'll be going without now...

Ok I am definitely not using the same joke here[edit | edit source]

Guess what? I lied.


HowTo:Overcome edit conflict[edit | edit source]

  • Save to clipboard
  • Click the Back button n00b

Glitches[edit | edit source]

Apparently, a user will make an edit, but it will credit someone else because they made the edit at the same time.