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Wikipedick - The World's satisfactory source of knowledge (according to Wikipedick).

Basically, Wikipedick is a way of earning insurmountable sums of money through donations that no one actually does donate to.. for.. against? Anyway, the people behind Wikipedick are very poor and so therefore, very irritable and irrational. But hey aren't we all?

"No!" says man attached to lamppost with own legs "You are stupid and flaccid half of the time which is why I shall proceed to beat you with my legs that are sewn together with the lamppost they are attached to!"

It's comments like this that make me want to curl up and Die. So sometimes I do! It's really very simple, all you have to do is stitch a melon to a carrot then sit on the melon for three consecutive days, without food nor water, then attempt to excrete the remains of John Lennon's carcass into the eye socket of a deranged half confused half Bolivian metro camel. ¡🇧🇴!

Stage Two[edit | edit source]

This phase requires immense concentration & stamina. You must first perform a salsa dance in front of ten fish while destroying the universe, all the while balancing on the universe and swallowing the ten fish-o’s. ('Ere comes the tricky bit) You must then divulge the location of the Loch Ness Monster whilst having no idea where the Loch Ness Monster is and then subsequently eliminate every trace of life on the planet including yourself. (Remember to stay calm.)

Stage Three[edit | edit source]

Find a Safe Spot for this one.. it's a long haul.ewertYHYHYH- As you have compelteded the fist too steps, the universe is beginning to grow week, which is wai i am makin so meny typohs. Now yu must kil the Lobstah Cing hoo resides (how the fuck did i get that right?) in the land of teh chiken pogo logo mantlle manta ray sodomy. Powah frum Cheinsuh Gal!

Congrats! You Are Dead!