Making Wikipedia more accessible to the blind

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Blind people can't type, you fool.[edit | edit source]

In other words, unless you invent some Tomorrowland-tier technology that would enable the blind to access it, Wikipedia can't do shiiieeeeet for the blind. This just proves the internet's suspicions of Wikipedia being a one-sided ableist propaganda site created for targeting the blind and vehemently denying them any access to information that only the non-blind have the privilege of accessing!

What? Converting articles into audio can make Wikipedia accessible to the blind after all?


Well, I'm having fun picking on Wikipedia, so let's just pretend that there's no solution. JUSTICE FOR THE BLIND! JUSTI-

Ever heard of Braille, punk?[edit | edit source]

That's right, you haven't. You could just translate the article into Braille and then print it in Braille so that the blind can read it... in Braille. Seems like you are the blind one after all. Furthermore, how can you demand justice for the blind when justice itself is blind!?

wait justice is blind