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Bigipedia is Wikipedia's official radio show. Broadcast by BBC Radio 4, it has absolutely nothing to do with Jumbo Whales, and thank goodness for that. Its official website is an obscure wiki about anthropomorphic stingrays that can't, in fact, be edited by anyone, only residents of the sea.

Dubbed a 'broadradiocastthingy', the format can be rather confusing for non-wikigeeks and should not be listened to unless in a massively inebriated state for the sake of one's sanity.

Wikia are said to be in talks to sue Bigipedia for stealing their name as well as the concept of an audio wiki, which they have a patent for. Illogicopedia would have sued for them stealing the idea of a parody wiki, but it "cannot be bothered".

“Can't be bothered.”

~ Illogicopedia founders, in unison.

“Can not be - oh, you were going for can't?”

~ The one Illogicopedia user who fluffed his lines.

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