Conservapedia vs. RationalWiki

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Today, in the Battle Ring, we are facing off two equally tough opponents: Conservapedia and RationalWiki!

Conservapedia, launched over 9 years ago, is the conservative wiki which you can trus! And RationalWiki, launched in the Times of Primality, is the rational wiki which you can trust! Let's see how they fight.

Round 1[edit | edit source]

In the first one the fighters are presenting their mascots! With RationalWiki, the goat! And with Conservapedia, the Andrew… Andrew Marchfly, his name is, I believe. One point to the goat, because the goat is politically unbiased.

Round 2![edit | edit source]

Next up, the content! Conservapedia's Article about trump says he is the bestest EV00000r!!11! Its article about Joe Biden says he is a liberalsocialistard!!!/?/? All of RationalWiki's articles are politically unbiased, sooo 90 billion kajillion points for them.