Illogicopedian national football team

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national football team
Nicknames The Illogians, Banana men
Association Wikiland
Head Coach Flagofillogi1.jpg   N.R. Sole
Asst. Coach Flagofillogi1.jpg   Hugh Sock
FIFA ranking 301
Biggest win 2-1 vs Gariston Flag of gariston.jpg 2007
Biggest loss 10-2 vs Arkasoan flag.JPG 2007

The Illogicopedian national football team consists of three builders, two butchers and a partially gelatinated piece of meat pie (which eats seagulls).

Every time the fans jump their heads implode outwards into the regions of rust puppy.

Participation in the World Cup 2010[edit | edit source]

Despite the fact it is nearing completion, the Illogicopedian football team is currently attempting to qualify for the World Cup in 2010. They suck so bad they need to first participate in the 34th World group, a preliminary to the 33rd Group, which in turn is a preliminary to the 32nd and so on. To reach the competition, Illogiland will have to gain promotion to World group 0, so at this rate, the team will qualify for the 2010 World Cup by approximately 2013.

Participation in World Coup[edit | edit source]

The Illogicopedian national football team successfully overthrew Communism whilst hammering the very worst of the world's under-10s five-a-side teams throughout 2010 and well into 2012.