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Uncyclo-tan by SunnyChow.png

Uncyclo-tan (Japanese: アンサイクロペたん, Engrish: Uncyclope-tan) is the satirical mascot of the satirical website Uncyclopedia which is a satirical parody of the non-satirical website Wikipedia.

The nature of satire dictates that somewhere along the line, a lot of parties have the purpose of making fun of another party. A few layers in, who is making fun of who or what becomes very unclear, with a "satire chain" that is murky at best. By the end of it, it is unknown as to whether Uncyclo-tan is making fun of Wikipe-tan or Uncyclopedia itself. In fact, some scholars speculate that instead, Uncyclo-tan is a satire on society as a whole, criticizing it for everything from the popularity of the Kardashians to the attack on the US Consulate at Benghazi.

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