The Downfall of Wikipedia

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Wikipedia shall fall as many other online encyclopedias and sources of knowledge have as well. It shall die of a rare but very dangerous disease known as Peculiar Engorgement Near Information Site (PENIS for short).

Side Effects of Having A PENIS[edit | edit source]

The side effects of having a PENIS are numerous and result in many uncomfortable sensations such as burning and intense pain. These side effects can be cured by using protection. The protection you can use is a firewall to block out any damaging effects or other things. This firewall has been used by many people to block the Wikipedia account known as someone167, who was only trying to assist the world to learn about the unknown facts of the Chen dynasty. This firewall would need to be able to protect you against the many kinds of computer viruses that infect the many online encyclopedias, this viruis is known as the Attacker Inside Demonstrative Systems viruis (AIDS) for short. This viruis has been known to attack the IP addresses in places such as Ethiopia.

BetacommandBot's Fall[edit | edit source]

The final plan put into place by the true haters of Wikipedia, to disparage the beast with massive edits that don't make sense. Platypus! Ave Platypous. In the Spirit of the Platypous, here's an example edit from someone who was too lazy to take the mintue & half to make an account on Uncyclopedia, the content free Platypous Temple that anyone can rape in their parent's '89 Honda.

Sources[edit | edit source]

They fail to accept any type of sources and their administrators don't treat their users fairly. The site is unreliable and can be edited by many other people.

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