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Encyclopedia Drummatic is a wiki site, started in December 2004, that catalogues and provides reviews for drums and drum kits. Despite being a fun and informative site for amateurs and people buying their first ever drumkit, ED, as it is sometimes known, has attracted a lot of controversy from professional musicians, sound engineers and even people fairly new to music due to their often short, spelling error-ridden, inaccurate, undetailed articles that consist largely of pictures of the drumkits or people using them. Encyclopedia Drummatic is kept running by advertising revenue, and as such over half of any given page may consist of Google-generated adverts for unrelated musical items. Despite all of this, and despite much evidence the the contrary, many ED users make the claim that the site is the "original" wiki on drum kits.

There is little moderation on the site, to the extent that anyone can write an article about any given piece of drumming equipment. This has led to many articles written by people representing a Drum manufacturing company that publicise their own drum equipment, and even more written giving extremely bad reviews, one particular notable incident being when user "Drumshop.co.uk" wrote an article about a Premier Drums drum kit, stating that it was "so bad, it actually set my house on fire; twice, and it raped my 4 year old sister with many hundreds of tentacles, and pooped a lot, all up in the inside of my mouth, which was thoroughly unpleasant to say the least".

Future for the site[edit | edit source]

Advertising revenue has been drying up for the site over the past 2 years due to its poor reputation and often libellious content, and despite pleas from the site for donations, ED appears to be set to go out of business, as of January 2010, within 14 months, quite quickly.