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Randomapedia is a lame-arsed Illogicopedia spin-off created by some variety blogger who certainly wasn't a man. It contains just over 100 entries, thus making Wikia's top wiki of the year (most Wikia sites have only over 3 articles). It is similar in structure and content to Illogicopedia and is rumored to have been started by a former Illogicopedia user (why didn't they just stay), but this hasn't been confirmed. The question is why this thing or Wackypedia exist, since they are both similar to this here site. Again, it's hosted on Wikia and has no active user base, and most likely never did. Just a pointless existance.

Much of the content at Randomapedia is in mockery of liberals, Bill Gates, iCarly, and Taylor Swift for some odd reason. These are a bunch of meaningless one-liners in a pointless wiki. Therefore, this article is a waste of time and space, and I'm gonna go watch Oprah.

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